Race FAQs:

Q:  What is a “Glow Run”?
A: It’s a night time race that is full of exciting, glowing surprises along the entire race course. It is not scary and nothing moves or jumps at you – so it is safe for most animals and children.

Q: What is the cost?
A: Registration costs are detailed on the Registration page.

Q: Are there age limits for runners or dogs? 
A: No – if you can walk, run or “stroll-er” you are welcome.

Q: Can I participate with a stroller?
A: Yes. Dogs and children in strollers are both welcome.

Q:  Can I participate without a dog?
A: Yes. Just register your information and put N/A in the registrations fields asking for dog information.

Q: How old must I be to participate? 
A:There is no age limits or requirements, however, all participants, no matter how young or old need to register and have a completed waiver in order to attend.

Q: Can my dog and I walk? 
A: Yes. This event is intended for dog and owner to participate at their own pace. Plenty of time has been built into the race schedule so participants can set their own pace and enjoy the course glow on their own schedule.

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?
A: Yes. Waivers are required for participants and dogs. The Waiver is on the Registration page and you cannot register without it.

Q: Is there somewhere to stow my belongings?
A: There are no secure locations. Please only bring what you need to the race location. Stow your belongings in your car and do not bring any valuables with you.

Q: Are spectators allowed and is there a charge? 
A: Yes, spectators are permitted, but they will also need to register. Everyone on location must be registered for the event and have a signed waiver on file.

Q: Will there be a photographer? 
A: Yes there will be a professional photographer on site. They will be taking photos of the event. There is also a location at the finish to take photos of all race finishers and to capture your GLOWING moment to share with your friends.

Q: How can I volunteer? 
A: We love volunteers! All Volunteers receive free admittance to the event. Depending on your role, you may also get to run the race. Volunteer by emailing marketing@novadogmagazine.com.

Q: What should I bring for my dog?
A: All Dogs need to be on a 6ft flat leash at all times. Please also bring pick up bags. All dogs need to be cleaned up after. We will also have supplies, but you will want to bring some so you have them handy.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Whatever you want – create an awesome outfit for you and your dog or get a whole team together. There will be awards for the best costumes!

Q: Can I Help FOHA with additional Donations? 
A: Yes. FOHA’s large no-kill facility is in constant need of donations and we are collecting for them at the race site. View the FOHA WISHLIST here. Please feel free to bring them along with you to the race. We will have a space for donations.

Q:  How do I create a team?
A: Email the BRIGHTEST people you know and tell them to register to run with you. Then make up a punny team name and tell all your team members to register with the same team name so you are all placed in the same running heat. Don’t forget the team costumes that shine!!

Q: What do I get with my registration fee?
A: Each registration includes admission to the race for the number of humans and dogs you select. All registrants will receive 2 drink tickets for use during the after party. Participants over 21 will receive a wristband that will allow access to adult beverages if they choose. There is a Bark Bar for the pups.  Each runner and dog receive a swag bag, as well as admission to the post-race party. Parking is also included.

Q: What happens at the party?
A: The party has live music with great dancing and running tunes. We will hand out some special awards and enjoy the glow.

Q: Can I transfer my registration? 
A: Registrations are transferable, however the new participant will need to sign their own waiver.

Q:  I can no longer participate, can I get a refund? 
A: Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for any reason.

Q: What do I need to check in on race day? 
A: Please bring your registration confirmation and a photo ID. All Racers will need a Photo ID to pick-up their packets and to receive their swag bags, wristbands and drink tickets.

Q: Can someone else pickup my race packet? / Can I pick up someone else’s packet? 
A: No – IDs need to be checked at the time of check-in.

Q: How can I confirm I am registered? 
A: If you received a conformation after registration you are registered. You will also receive a confirmation via email. If you do not receive these, please contact us at: events@novadogmagazine.com

Q: How do I edit my registration? OR What if I lose my registration/login information? 
A: Contact us and we will help you: events@novadogmagazine.com

Q: Where should I park? 
A: There is parking clearly marked upon arrival at the fairgrounds.

Q:  Is there a charge for parking? 
A: No fee for parking. It’s included.

Q: Are there awards? 
A: Yes! Come early and enter the Glowiest Dog contest in the arena, scheduled for 7PM.

Q: Will there be hydration stations along the course?  
A: Yes – there will be water along the course and at the start/finish.

Q: Is this a timed event? 
A: This event is not officially timed, however runners will start in heats, with advanced runners going first. The heats will allow all runners to go at their own pace and time themselves.

Q: Is there a time limit for the course?  
A: No – the only time restraint is 10:30PM when we must limit noise and begin leaving the grounds.

Q: Any training advice? 
A: Absolutely! Check back on our blog soon for weekly training tips to get you and your pooch ready for race day.

Q: I am not in the best of shape, can I still participate? 
A: Of course! You can walk or run at your own pace.

Q: I left something behind, is there a lost and found? 
A: Yes, contact us at: events@novadogmagazine.com

Still have questions?? CONTACT events@novadogmagazine.com