Guest Blog: Jessica Shipman of Beagles & Bargains Visits the Global Pet Expo!

The Global Pet Expo is the world’s largest trade show for the pet industry. Many new pet products are launched there each year. This year’s show occurred from March 4-6 in Orlando, Florida.

Several of the newly launched products focused on activities and interactions that strengthen the human-animal bond, such as exercising and trying to stay fit together. Products ranged from toys, training aids, high quality treats and more! This year, visibility and safety were especially noteworthy trends.

1. Starmark Pro-Training Treat Pouch
Training is an important part of getting fit with your dog. It helps build a strong connection with your pup and can help ensure the safety of your pooch when out and about. This treat pouch allows you to bring along all the necessities – poop bags, clicker, phone, keys and most importantly, treats! The pouch allows you easy access to the treats while keeping them safe from any inquisitive noses. This product is coming soon!

2. Plato Pet Treats Small Bites
Small Bites are made right here in the United States. All ingredients are sourced from North America, with the exception of natural preservatives from Europe. The small size of these treats make them perfect for small dogs or as training rewards. Each treat contains 3.4 calories. The palatability and smell are great for getting your dog’s attention on a hike or jog. You can find these treats in stores starting this May.

3. Dexas Snack-DuO
It is important to bring along enough water and food on long hikes and camping trips. The Snack-DuO allows you to do this with ease. The divided container separates food or treats from fresh water and the attached pop-up bowl allows for easy dispensing.

4. Petmate Glow in the Dark Collars and Leashes
These new collars and leashes improve visibility of you and your dog whether you are just out for an evening walk or out on an overnight camping trip. Plus, they are perfect for Glow Dog Glow! These collars and leashes will be available soon!

5. Dog Not Gone No Fly Zone Safety Dog Vest
This vest not only provides high visibility and reflective accents, but its fibers contain permethrin, a widely used insect repellent, to keep away ticks and other unwanted crawlers. This vest is a great option for hiking and camping outdoors.

6. Petmate Chuckit! Ultra Sling
Dogs that love fetch will go bonkers for this new toy. The Chuckit! Ultra Sling is a sling shot with different darts for various purposes – speed, floating, spinning and more! It’s a great toy to bring to a dog park. You can even try to beat your dog to where it lands. Coming soon!

7. Tuggo Water-Weighted Dog Toy
This toy can be weighed down with water to provide extra resistance and more exercise for your dog. Dogs can play by themselves or with other furry friends. Tuggo is so durable that even lions and tigers can play with it! Two different size options are available – 10 inch or 7 inch for smaller dogs.


Beagles and Bargains’ Luna models the KRUUSE B’Seen 360 in lime

8. KRUUSE B’Seen 360
The B’Seen is another excellent option to increase your dog’s visibility. This light clips onto your dog’s collar and with a slight twist lets off 360 degrees of blinking light. We’ll be using our B’Seen to keep track of Luna during camping trips.

9. WHAM-O Pets Dog Toys
Did you know that a dog’s color spectrum only contains blues and yellows? WHAM-O just launched toys made with only blue and yellow materials, allowing dogs to see them better and to enjoy playtime even more. This new toy line has everything from balls to frisbees!

10. Gold Paw Series Visibility Vest
The Gold Paw Series vest is brightly colored and has glow in the dark trim. Visibility is key when you are out on an adventure with your dog but so is providing contact and medical information in case of an emergency. Clear pockets on the vest allow you to provide any important information about your dog.

For more great pet products, check out Beagles and Bargains’ coverage of the Global Pet Expo.

Jessica Shipman is a bargain hunter, food lover and software engineer figuring out how to be a pet parent for the first time. She raises her Beagle mix rescue Luna in Fairfax, Virginia. She shares her journey on Follow her and Luna on Twitter at @beaglesbargains or on Facebook at



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