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Canceling GlowDogGlow 2018 We are personally sorry to announce, that due to a pervasive malware infection at our website hosting company, NOVADog Magazine has been forced to shut down the GlowDogGlow website to clean and stabilize our website. It causes us considerable upset to have to make this announcement as we were very much looking forward to this event. During this attack, our entire website was moved to a new host company to further protect and secure it. The malware was only deployed to shut down hundreds of host servers, not to phish for data. No secure information was leaked during this attack. However due to the timing, length of downtime, amount of damage and the nature of this attack, we are forced to cancel the October 6, 2018 GlowDogGlow event. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to bring back the event bigger and better in 2019.

GlowDOGGlow Blog | More fun than you can shake a glow stick at! Light up the night with us this October at the Loudoun County Fairgrounds. Get our training tips and advice to get both you and your pooch ready for race day!