The Humane Society of the United States and its affiliate, Humane Society International, have worked for the past year to bring 23 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea to find homes in the United States. The farm was shut down and the farmer was compensated to participate in crop farming – the first time a farmer has agreed to the arrangement. Six animal shelters in the DC-Metro region are now working together to find new lives for these dogs. Learn more about the full back story at this Washington Post article.

South Korea Dog Meat Farm Rescue South Korea Dog Meat Farm Rescue South Korea Dog Meat Farm

The 23 dogs of various breeds and ages – including 12 puppies – were rescued from a dog meat farm in Seoul, South Korea, and flown to the DC-metro area earlier this week. The dogs have spent the week at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria to rest after their long journey. Vets and volunteers worked to determine any signs of illness before the dogs were transferred to additional shelters in the area. The dogs are now ready to join other local shelters in their pursuit of permanent homes.

A regional partnership of six shelters is taking in the rescued dogs: Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Fairfax County Animal Shelter, Loudoun County Animal Services, City of Manassas Animal Control and Adoption Shelter, The Washington Animal Rescue League and the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. They will share the responsibility of placing these dogs – dogs who were kept in inhumane conditions and once destined to be food.

The executive directors of all six shelters, as well as the 23 dogs, were present for a press conference on Jan. 9 at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Learn more at

Here’s a video of one of the rescued dogs, Billy (likely a Shih Tzu mix) being groomed at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. He’s on his way to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington to await his forever home.


Photos courtesy of Manchul Kim, Associated Press.