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With summer now in session, many pet parents are busy wondering how to keep their dog cool during the summer months, and what to do with their pets while away on vacation.

Keeping Fido Cool This Summer

It’s more important than ever to ensure your dog stays cool as the summer heat continues to rise. Follow these tips for keeping Fido cool so your dog can beat the heat!

  • Make an appointment for a summer cut. Removing some of the weight of your pet’s hair is a great way to ensure your dog won’t get too hot while playing outside. Visit Olde Towne Pet Resort, where their expert groomers will let you know what kind of cut is best and will leave enough hair to protect Fido and Fluffy from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Exercise your dog early in the morning or late at night. As these tend to be the cooler parts of the day, the walk will be more comfortable for you and your dog. Olde Towne Pet Resort offers a variety of exercise classes both in the morning and at night. Popular classes include Fido Fit Camp, Pawlates and Agility Field Play. A full list of classes can be found here.
  • Keep your dog hydrated by carrying a water bottle with you on long walks. Keep in mind that dogs don’t sweat, they cool off by panting. An overheated dog will drool excessively, signaling that they are in need of water. Overweight dogs are at higher risk for dehydration so be sure to keep an eye out.
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car. A car retains more heat than an open area, even if the car is in the shade. Plus, passersby can cause dogs to get overly excited, making dehydration more likely. If you’re going on a long road trip, make sure to keep the AC running and cold water readily available.
  • Enroll your dog in swim lessons. Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can swim. In fact, it can be very dangerous in the summer months when dogs are near pools, lakes and oceans. Use this weather as the perfect excuse to sign up for Olde Towne Pet Resort’s swim lessons. Their trainers know all the tricks of the trade to get Fido swimming in no time.

Summer Boarding

Going on vacation and not sure what to do with your pets? Olde Towne Pet Resort offers the best in boarding for both dogs and cats. With a variety of options including day boarding as well as long-term boarding, the staff is on site around the clock to care for and play with your pet. The best perk? They have 24-hour PetCams so you can check on your pet too! Let us help you enjoy your summer vacation by booking a suite for your dog or cat now!


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