Guest Blog: Carly Simpson of Tails of a Crazy Dog Mom blog talks about the 'Whistle'

Do you wear a monitor to track your steps, sleep and other activities throughout the day? Activity monitors, like FitBits and Jawbones, are becoming more popular in our busy society. These days, they’re even going to the dogs – literally. While there are a few activity monitors for pets on the market, I recently purchased a Whistle Activity Monitor (‘Whistle’) for my 1-year-old golden retriever, Tucker.


Photo by Carly Simpson, Tails of a Crazy Dog Mom

Tucker is an active dog and I wanted to see exactly how active he is each day. Unlike activity monitors for humans, the Whistle doesn’t track steps, but will tell you when your dog walks, plays or rests and for how long. The Whistle is a small circular device that attaches to your dog’s collar. You set a goal and it will tell you how your dog is doing throughout the day. When you are with your dog, the Whistle uses your phone’s Bluetooth to sync data to its cloud site and allows you to ‘add’ people who are with your dog by pairing their phone with the Whistle. When you are apart, Whistle uses Wi-Fi to sync data to the cloud for monitoring.

You can also add items like notes about food, medications and photos to be shared among the owners or within a social network.

If you wonder how it monitors ‘play’ versus a walk, Tucker hit an all-time high in activity minutes when he was with my parents’ dogs – and much of it was play. So, it does track all those times your dog runs around the dining room table or the dog park!

Thus far, I’ve been impressed with the Whistle and am obsessed with checking Tucker’s activity. My husband was also impressed with their customer service. He was having issues with their app and contacted them. The issue was resolved in less than 24 hours.

Look out for more updates on Tucker and his adventures with the Whistle Activity Monitor!

During the day, Carly Simpson works in government affairs for a trade association. After hours, Carly can be found spending her time with her golden retriever, Tucker, and her husband, Jason. To learn more about Tucker’s adventures, visit


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