According to the National Fire Protection Association, a home fire starts every 86 seconds and the chance of a person experiencing a home fire in his or her lifetime is one in four. The average employed person spends more than 12 hours per day away from home, so how can pet parents have more peace of mind about their pups’ safety and well-being when away?

Available nationwide, Kidde’s RemoteLync Monitor and Camera are designed to offer smart, simple security, by alerting homeowners to emergencies while away from home. For dog owners that means while these products monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) incidents or motion, their pets are now free to forego their guarding responsibilities and go back to being a dog.

RemoteLync Monitor: Kidde’s RemoteLync Monitor plugs into a single outlet and listens for a home’s existing UL-listed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, using a patented technology to distinguish between alarm beeps and background noise. When triggered, the Wi-Fi enabled monitor alerts the homeowner and other designated contacts through a free app on iOS and Android devices, email and text message. Once the homeowner receives the alert, there is an option to call 911 directly, temporarily hush the warning or call a contact in their network. No additional products or fees are required. One monitor will cover the average-sized U.S. home (approximately 2,000 sq. ft.) or any-sized homes with hardwired, interconnected alarms.

RemoteLync Camera: The RemoteLync Camera is cord-free, hub-free and powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months on a single charge. Its magnetic base enables the camera to be easily installed nearly anywhere, and the camera will adjust to almost any angle. When armed, it immediately records video upon sensing motion and sends an alert via a free app on the user’s mobile device and email. The user then can view the video and decide whether to dismiss, save or share it. A passive infrared sensor dramatically reduces false alarms, while a built-in “pet-mode” minimizes the chance of a pet’s movement triggering the device; this mode can be customized based on the pet’s size.

The RemoteLync Monitor can be purchased for $99.99, and the RemoteLync Camera can be purchased for $189. Both products are available at select The Home Depot store locations and various online retailers. For more information visit or follow @KiddeSafety on Twitter.

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