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Are you feeling Grinchy and sleepless from worrying that your pup will run off into the dark when you let her out? Set your mind at ease with Nite Beams leashes and dog collars, two products that will help exhausted pet parents breathe a sigh of relief while knowing your canine is visible from a half-mile away.

Both items are made of non-abrasive, high-quality nylon, and the lights are LEDs with “steady” and “flashing” functions. Just pick your favorite color and relax every time you take your nocturnal fur baby on a midnight walk. (Unfortunately, you’ll still have to scoop up his poop.)

This gift works great for puppies, who usually need frequent trips to the yard, or for any dog who prefers being up at night. It can come in handy if you get home in the evenings and the
first thing your canine wants is a trip around the block to do his business. It also might be helpful for next year’s GlowDogGlow race! Basically, you never know when you’ll need an LED leash or collar.

Treat yourself as well as your pooch this upcoming holiday, and bring a little light to the winter nights.

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Red, Orange, Blue