Your Pooch is your pal.  Your #1 companion.  You love that little furball and want to keep him healthy.  But what is the best way to do that?  Trips to the vet can be costly, but so can insurance.  It’s a tough situation to navigate so researched some of the top insurance plans for you to easily receive a quote to see if one makes sense for your fur family. We also researched what to consider when looking at insurance plans.

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  • Rated #1 by consumers & BBB
  • Fast Claim Processing
  • Wellness plans available
  • Flexible Premium options, Low rates
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  • Flexible Premium options
  • Robust coverage options
  • 24/7 Customer Service
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  • Vet Direct Pay, no waiting for claim checks
  • 90% coverage after deductible
  • No automatic increases as your pet ages
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  • Easy to use app
  • Benefits like dog-friendly restaurant listings and social sites
  • Flexible Options for deductibles and max payable
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  • No Lifetime Limits
  • Unlimited coverage option
  • Above average coverage
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  • Short waiting period
  • No Exam before coverage
  • Benefits include exam fees
  • Higher rates than average
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  • Wellness plan includes grooming & training
  • Flexible options for coverage
  • Comprehensive accident and illness coverage
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  • Whole Pet/Wellness Options, cover spay/neuter
  • VetHelpLine included
  • Combine with other insurance and save
  • Higher rates than average
  • Covers congenital and hereditary conditions
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  • Low Rates
  • No Claim Process
  • Discount, not insurance
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