There are so many wonderful events to do in the summer with your pets.  Although summers in the DC Metros can get steamy and hot, there are a lot of amazing, and often free, events to enjoy.  We live in a wonderful area and with just a little planning (see our Summer Safety Tips to help you prep!) you can enjoy some of the unique outings our area has to offer.

Summer Concert Series:

There are a number of fun, dog-friendly outdoor concerts across the area.  There are so many you can find one close by almost any night of the week.

Outdoor Movies:

Spanning the ages from black and white classics like , through 80’s favorites like Top Gun and into the most


Enjoy a visit to the country with your furry friend.  They are welcome at over 100 wineries in Virginia:[feature_category_ids][22]=22&page=1 .  And many wineries have special events just for our pals!  Read about it here ( or jump straight to our favorites include:

Take a trip to the Farm:

Take a Hike:

Hit one of any of our featured hikes with your furry friend.  Every issue boasts a great trail and gives you the full scoop on every detail from parking to after hike fun.

Yappy Hours:

Even take a Cruise: