Guest Blog: Nikki Johnson of SuperNoVa Mom blog Gives Tracking Tips

I am a big proponent of tracking – I track my workouts and I track my food. I also encourage my clients to do the same because it keeps people in check with the reality of their activity levels and what they are consuming on a daily basis. It’s very easy to overlook these details, like those snacktime spoonfuls of peanut butter! And I am speaking from experience!

With all the technology these days it is really easy to track physical performance, whether it be intensive workouts or just a brisk walk with your dog. The latter is not only important for your health but is essential in providing your furry friends with enough daily exercise – especially those high energy dogs like mine! It is one of the reasons we love taking family walks with our dog, Cap.

Don’t know what to use for tracking fitness? Here are a few of my favorite tools for keeping an eye on Cap’s and my activity.

  1. Wearable Fitness trackers: Many people have a FitBit, Jawbone Up and Garmin these days and they each act as a GREAT way to track your daily steps. There are so many different options to fit your budget but the cool thing is you can do so much more than just track your steps. You can even see your sleep patterns using some of these devices! It’s recommended that you get in at least 10K steps a day, so why not bring your dog along with you after work to get in those last steps to hit your goal!
  2. Smart Phone Apps: My favorite is MapMyRun. No, you don’t have to actually run! The GPS finds where you are on the map and tracks your path for you, all while keeping time and mileage! It is actually my go-to when walking with Cap. You can even share your trails with your friends!
  3. Good ol’ pen & paper: Yes, sometimes you just need to go old school and track in a journal. Map your mileage with a car odometer and then walk it with your dog! It does not have to be far! Every little bit counts!

Do you track your walks with your pet or do they count as a bonus for you? What are your favorite ways to exercise your pet?

Nikki Johnson is a former AOLer turned blogger and online health coach. She writes about nutrition, fitness and random mom-related things on her personal blog, SuperNoVa Mom. When she’s not working out, writing or chasing after her two children and new puppy, she’s spending time on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Finding the time to do it all is a constant challenge, but she thrives on coffee and staying busy.