Only East Coast cancer center for pets between Northern Virginia and Raleigh, NC

Richmond, VA (Oct. 25, 2016): Esteemed guests and supporters of FETCH a Cure and The Oncology Service (TOS) joined today to commemorate the new veterinary Advanced Radiation Treatment Center opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and reception. This facility is operated by TOS and represents a collaboration between FETCH a Cure and TOS. It is the only cancer center for pets within 100 miles of Richmond, with the next closest being in Leesburg and Raleigh. Patients of TOS will now have access to these new advances, as well as the support of the specialists at Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center in Richmond. This oncology facility will start seeing patients in mid-November.

FETCH a Cure is a Richmond-based non-profit designed to raise pet cancer awareness and provide owners greater access to information about pet cancer, senior care, and treatment options. The Oncology Service is an oncology-exclusive practice specifically dedicated to providing the most advanced, evidence-based veterinary care to pets with cancer.

“We are excited to welcome The Oncology Service and their new Advanced Radiation Treatment Center here at FETCH a Cure,” said Joanne Silverman, Executive Director of FETCH a Cure. “This facility represents a collaboration between our two organizations to ensure that the best and most advanced treatment facilities and options are available to the Richmond community and its surrounding areas.”

“Our patients will now be able to receive state-of-the-art oncology care from TOS and compassionate support from FETCH a Cure to improve quality of life,” said Dr. Chand Khanna, Chief Executive Officer of The Oncology Service.

The new technologies at the Advanced Radiation Treatment Center include a GE 8-slice CT scanner for advanced 3-dimensional imaging and a state-of-the-art Varian linear accelerator capable of advanced radiation techniques. With this new equipment at the cancer center, TOS is able to perform the most conformal radiation treatment, which allows for precise treatment of tumors in far fewer treatment sessions than is conventionally needed.

If you have a concern about cancer affecting your pet, please see your primary care veterinarian and ask about TOS as an option for providing care and treatment. Together, TOS and FETCH a Cure can deliver the future of veterinary cancer care to the Richmond area.





Fetch a Cure is a nonprofit organization founded on raising awareness, education and providing pet owners greater access to information about pet cancer, senior care and treatment options. Visit for more information.





The Oncology Service (TOS) provides the most advanced, evidence-based veterinary cancer care delivered by compassionate and experienced doctors who are at the top of their field. TOS has four clinics operated in Virginia—two in Northern Virginia and two in Richmond. Visit for more information.