Guest Blog: Carly from Tails of a Crazy Dog Mom blog Talks Favorite Walking Spots

Let’s face it—living in the DC metro area can feel a little claustrophobic at times.  The highways get jam-packed, the Metro trains and buses are often crowded, and sometimes space is just hard to come by. However, the DC area is ripe with parks, trails and other open areas perfect for getting out of the log-jam and enjoying fresh air with your dog. Here are some of my favorite spots to take Tucker!

  1. Long Bridge Park: This is my go-to park when we need some good exercise but don’t want to go too far from where we live. Long Bridge Park is in the Crystal City area of Arlington, Va. and features several walkways perfect for walking your dogs.  As a bonus, the park features spectacular views of the Washington Monument, Arlington skyline and planes taking off and landing at Reagan National Airport. I believe this is Tucker’s favorite park to visit.
  2. Great Falls National Park and Riverbend Park:  To tell you the truth,  I am not a hiker. Trails aren’t really my thing as I dislike the potential for rugged terrain. However, my husband likes to hike and Tucker enjoys it so I included this location on my list.  I tend to pick Riverbend over Great Falls for a few reasons. One, it’s less crowded and doesn’t cost any money to get in. The other reason I like it is because the trails are a little less rugged than Great Falls. However, Great Falls is beautiful and I would encourage people to visit both.
  3. The National Mall:  Since we live in Virginia, we usually drive down to the Mall early on weekend mornings before the rush of people swarm the area. Parking is easy that time of day and we’ve taken Tucker all around, getting photos with the various monuments and the White House.

This spring I hope to take Tucker to the U.S. National Arboretum as well. Where are your favorite places to walk your dog?

During the day, Carly Simpson works in government affairs for a trade association. After hours, Carly can be found spending her time with her golden retriever, Tucker, and her husband, Jason. To learn more about Tucker’s adventures, visit or follow Tucker on Twitter @TuckersTails.